Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Holidays

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In the holidays i went up to Christchurch with my Nana for 4 days. We stayed with my Aunty and Hadlee. We went to Timezone, Willow bank and many more places.
I had heaps of fun but that was the most exiting thing I did.
At willow we got to get bird food and farm animal food.
we walked around and Hadlee didn't even crack up. I had a fun time, when we got to the end we decided to miss one of the tracks and go and have lunch and the Hadlee fell asleep and ended up with her face and her blanket covering her. We finished our food and decided to go around the track with nana and aunty Lauren and Hadlee went to wait outside.
this is basically an arcade and it was really fun and i always got more tickets that Indya.

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