Tuesday, 22 September 2015


This term we have been doing a lot of interesting things and like always we have been told to write a reflection on it.
the first thing that i have liked is technology which is when we go out to high school and do Activates there but this term everybody cooperated together and that made it fun for me.
The other things that i have liked is inquiry because it hasn't been something that we always do, its been out of the box. For inquiry we got to choose a career and do a whole lot of step to get to the point were we do a presentation on it. I choose Marine biology.
The last thing is when the skiers are away we got to choose between art or drama and I choose art it is something different.

I am looking forward to more learning and seeing what there is to come and see if i have improved from the begging  of the year to the end of the year.
Camp is a thing that I am looking forward to, on thing is it is on my birthday but another thing is I get to try new things and I never get to go camping.

I have found all of the workshop a struggle because you never have any time to do your own work because you are always in the workshops and you are running back and forwards. 

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