Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Persuasive Writing

Oil Drilling
Oil drilling has brought a huge death toll to animals in the arctic, such as animals like Polar Bears or maybe even the Arctic Fox. I mean really what did they ever do to us. I think that they should put the animals that are in the arctic into habitats, build breeding pens and try to stop them doing the oil.  

Firstly I would think it would be a good idea to build habitats for these sorts of animals in zoos because  they are being destroyed by oil drilling,we don’t want these beautiful fluffy ( well most of them ) to go to waste. I personally think that this would be a good idea because we could be saving thousands of great animals. Animals like these would have to have a big enough habitat because these animals can be humungus.

Penultimately I think that they would need to have maternity annexe ( breeding dens ) so that they can breed because the more of them we have the less likely that they will become extinct because of the oil drilling more and more animals are being killed out.

Thirdly I think that we should persuade people not to do oil drilling, I mean what did those defenceless creatures ever do to us. Persuading them to stop oil drilling is a good idea because these animals could be useful in the future.

In conclusion i think that this is good ideas because these are good points and that they should do something because these animal are in danger and they should be saved.             

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