Monday, 22 June 2015

Motivation for my passion

I have liked swimming ever since I was little. When I was little my mother pulled me out of swimming for a year and i was so deverstated and that is when I got put behind, now look at me I have made it into squad and I have been so proud of myself. I have wanted to push myself to get better at one thing that I actually think I am good at. When I had first started swimming in squad I was shivering and it was so nerve racking. It has been two months now and I am very happy with myself android I soon hope that I will be a great swimmer.


  1. That's good Mackenzie maybe next time you could let us no more about the groups that you can be in such as octopus, barracuda etc. I think that you could also let us no what group you were in when you got pulled out of swimming and what group you were in when you rejoined, another thing you could tell us was how old you were when you were pulled out and when you rejoined and how old you were when you joined squad. Remember people from other parts of the world reading your blog and they might not all no this stuff about you.

  2. Good explanation of why you want to look at swimming for your passion. I look forward to hearing about what else you are going to do for your passion project.

  3. You are a great swimmer Mackenzie

    You keep improving every day