Sunday, 10 May 2015

What term 2 in the senior hub has been like for me

I think would like to be open and say that I have definitely liked term 2 better than term 1
This is going to be a reflection on a little bit of stuf I have been doing and like
This term everyone has been given the opportunity to pick a novel to read and I think I picked a pretty good story, I have picked Holes. This is my favourite summery and my longest summery I have done.
Chapter 2 & 3
Stanley was the only passenger on the bus. His family was poor not rich. This all started when his family like always blamed Stanley on things. This boy had to go to court, seeing a Judge was what he had to do. The judge gave Stanley two choices, to go to jail or go to camp green lake. You could probably guess what he chose., Stanley couldn’t tell because the garde was wearing sunglasses.Stanley had a great-great grandfather how stole a pig from this place called Gypsy. Stanley was looking out the window thinking of  a song that his dad sang to him when went to bed. Stanley's favorite part was when his dad howled,”MOON”, the bus hit a small bump and the garde sat up instantly.  Camp green lake is meant to turn bad boys into good boys. If you send a bad boy out into the hot sun to dig holes he will turn into a good boy. Stanley was the 4th Stanley in the family his father was called Stanley too.
I have also been moved up a maths group to be with Mr Moore and my focus is reversibility and guess and cheek.
I have also found that I have got a lot better at reading out loud than I use to be in year 6
I have definitely found that I have been working a lot better this term.
But I am going to say this it is that i don't really like how the year 6 are part of the senior hub but I guess that is just how it is going to be and I am just gonna have to get used to it.

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