Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Car crashes
Lady Diana:    
It has been found that Princess Diana knew that she was gonna be in a car crash,with her giving hand written notes to here butler and layer saying that it would happen.Prince Charles was planning on Princess Diana too have a car accident to kill her as it says all over the internet.

Princess Diana died at the age of 36,how young did she have to be. The date of when she died was the 31st of August 1997. She died in the streets of Paris in a tunnel.

It says that The ambulance that she was in had to stop outside of the NATIONAL
MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY because she had been made purposely worse.
It has been found that a group of embalmed embalmed her body.

How many dead on 2004:
In 2004 6.5 million car crashes were reported to police. This was so shocking I found this but all over the world 16-19 teens died every day from car crashes.
In 2003 60 million children died in car crashes in the United States.
Every year:
This is a true fact that every year around 19-22 kids die f3om school bus crashes.
It has been found 5hat every year in a car crash the driver is more at risk than any other person in the car.
 As you can see that I have found some very interesting facts that took a while to find and was very confusing,but I got it done.

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  1. Great summarizing if your research Mackenzie. I think you need to work on your conclusion though.