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what did the dress like during the steampunk era why and what was the steampunk era?


What did the steampunk weapons look like and did the have to use them.


What would have happened of technology was never found and steampunk stayed in the same, what would our homes and towns be like would history have changed completely would fashion and weaponry have styled differently?



Reading 1 Huffington Post

  • * steampunk is a popular type of art

  • * Steampunk is made up

  • * Steampunk gallery was once  5 stories high but it is know 3 because of a fire

Steampunk is not real so they didn't use them in any battles

  • * Based on scientific fiction

  • * All the stuff built was in the days we are in know

  • * They had old fashion technology

  • * Turn technology into true fashion  

  • * Based in the 1800s

  • *Steampunk is associated with a mix of old and new

  • Before the name steampunk was made it was called high tech victoriana the idea came from the movie chitty chitty ban bang

  • When people make steampunk they would use materials like: copper, brass, skeletons, mechanical works, woodworking, glass and any other old looking are a bum my throat is saw

  • This is a good reason for some people why technology should not have ever been invented.

  • Most products are bought online now because for people using tech is easier well steampunk creators do not think so

  • As steampunk has grown so has its use with the creating of tech now people have steampunk themed weddings with steampunk cakes imagine now what would have happened if tech was not there

  • Now people have started a theory that maybe if steampunk had stayed and tech did not ever come maybe global warming would stop happening

  • Website 1:

  • Steampunk is based on the 1800 hundreds in england, places like liverpool started to be build factories and food places and other stuff. It was very dirty dust everywhere. This was happened a lot when people started to populate places like new zealand and australia. So generally england was well over populated*

  • Before steampunk was known in NZ, England

  • *Steampunk is a quirky and fun genre of science fiction that features steam-powered technology.

  • *The Steampunk future is driven by unusual steam powered devices – the ‘world gone mad’ as Victorian people may have imagined it.

  • *Oamaru is an ideal setting for Steampunk art and activities, given the a preserved and thrifting  Victorian buildings.

    Steampunk HQ, in the small southern coastal town of Oamaru, is New Zealand's premiere Steampunk experience.

  • Steampunk  is a older version of what we live in now even though Steampunk is not real

  • All the stuff that people have built is made with this foamy stuff

  • Turn modern technology to old fashion inventions

  • Steampunk is completely based on science fiction

  • Steampunk HQ Oamaru 2 reading

  • Steampunk technicians have been hard at work at Headquarters re-activating one of the building’s most intriguing and important pieces of scientific equipment. The work is finally complete, and the once-abandoned Metagalactic Sonic Device has now been officially rewired, reprogrammed and switched on for all visitors.

  • One of the Metagalactic Mechanics at HQ described the intriguing musical machine

  • “A device for capturing sounds and signals picked up by the HQ time travel Officers when visiting alien worlds.The sounds were captured during space-time jumps to earth. To an alien listener, they would sound very strange. Some say that special combinations of notes will open up time portals within the building to exotic alien holiday destinations. The tones, loops, and extra-terrestrial sound bytes go together in many different ways, resulting in surprising combinations.”

  • Visitors are encouraged to try it for themselves, and to see if they can find and decode some of the sound messages that are stored the Organ.

  • The Elevator building was the largest commercial building undertaken by the design partnership of Forrester and Lemon. The exterior constructed of locally quarried Oamaru stone, was completed in 1883 and rose to a height of five stories. It was the first elevator building in the Southern Hemisphere. It had the specific purpose of handling and storing grain, based on the American principle of self-emptying bins.

  • The Elevator is a significant example of the development of Oamaru as the gateway for imported produce from the developing colony. It was built during a period of sustained growth and its design embodied the optimism of the period. No others exist making this a rare and important survivor of Victorian investment, innovation and enterprise. Almost as soon as it was completed its role and purpose was diminished as the volume of grain grown was significantly reduced as the export trade in frozen lamb was promoted over grain.

  • A disastrous fire in 1920 saw the top two stories removed with the remains reroofed and utilised as a store. The adjoining wing with grain bins was completely destroyed. The surviving south wall is a tangible reminder of the event and the scale of the original building. Reduced to three stories the building retains an imposing and commanding presence and position. It is a prominent reminder of Oamaru’s industrial heritage.

  • The building has survived to the present day due to geographical factors & a declining economy. In recent years, a commitment by the Whitestone Community Trust to restore the town’s Victorian heritage and architecture has led to an increase in tourist activity that has rejuvenated the Historic Precinct.

    Opened to the public in November 2011 The Elevator has taken on an entirely new life form and function as the headquarters for Steampunk.

  • The Elevator, once a time travel craft, has now settled permanently on the shores of a small town on the coast of New Zealand. This location is an ideal inconspicuous resting place for a once mighty inter-dimensional time travelling vessel.

  • Its Pilots are human, yet, weathered and evolved by constant travel through alien worlds. It is speculated that they still meet deep in the building, and that it is now their headquarters. From here, they conduct reconnaissance, scouting and protective missions to undisclosed locations. Many of their travels are recorded – esoteric footage of unusual creatures, places and machines can be accessed in the building at different data entry points.

    Even today The Elevator building continues to exude a sense of mystery.

  • “This is the closest I’ve ever felt to space travel!” an excited visitor commented upon experiencing Steampunk HQ’s latest project.

  • Steampunk HQ introduces The Portal; a retro-futuristic mirror and lighting installation that features original glowing light sculptures with a theme of skulls and mythology.  It contrasts yet fully complements the eclectic collection of recycled industrial art and sculptures that exists already within the Steampunk HQ museum.

  • Steampunk HQ NZ’s premier Steampunk experience is a museum in the historic Victorian precinct of stunning Oamaru, open 10am – 5pm, 7 days per week.

  • Outside of the imposing free-standing Oamaru stone building, iconic “steampunk” Engine SP001 greets visitors whilst inside, the foyer gallery showcases the work of local artists and retails HQ brand merchandise.

  • The museum of two large darkened rooms and a basement presents a theme of a dark post-apocalyptic vision of a future “as it might have been”. Contraptions and bizarre machinery featuring heavy use of copper, gears, pipes, gas cylinders, as well as an ensemble of skeletal sculptures are lit by flickering lights and accompanied by film, projection and sounds.

  • A back door leads to a large yard with projects and machines in various stages of being “steampunked” including a train carriage, “aether tractor” and giant motorbike.

  • Lonely Planet has rated Steampunk HQ one of New Zealand’s best new tourist attractions and it is ranked highly on Tripadvisor.

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