Wednesday, 18 February 2015

R.E text

Sick man Jesus and CentuionIn a partner or by yourself

Choose 3 of these bible extracts and read them:
Matthew 8:5-8,
Mark 5; 25-34,
Matthew 8: 28-33,
Mark 6:53-56,
Mark 10:46-52,
Luke 4:38-40,
Luke 5:12-16,
Luke 5:17-26,
Luke 8:22-25,
Luke 9:37-43

Fill in this table for each bible extract

Matthew 8:5-8
Mark 5; 25-34,
Mark 6:53-56,

Name of the key person
Sick man Jesus and Centurion
Legion Jesus Demond
The sick man
What Jesus is saving the people/person from?
The demon
From being sick
How are the people’s lives changed by Jesus’ action?
The dying sick man

How have we been saved in our lives?
This what we have been given to do to. We haved to look up the text that are up the top and arwnser some questions.
These are my awnsers 
By Mackenzie Cunningham

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  1. Wow Mackenzie I can tell you thought deeply about that. I hope you are very proud of what you have done. I think that you are very dedicated and a very good friend. If you keep this level of Ideas up you will go far in life. I hope you also have a good time the cricket world cup.