Saturday, 21 February 2015


Dogs they are so cheeky. I got home from Christchurch and dad went to pick up the dogs from my nanas because she looks after them when we are away. Dad brought them home and clossed the gate. We went inside and as I was going to put something away I found one of my dogs, Oscar outside of the gate scratching and trying to get in. I droped what I was doing and ran to get my dog. Let him in. Now we were eating tea and mum said weres Oscar. We were all looking for him and I paniced a little. Mum, Dad and Indya went to look for the dog on the street and she saw Oscar runnig up the hill. I was standing there wondering and Indya came up with the dog. I was so happy that he was safe. Well I found out that Oscar was squezzing trough the gapes of the gates. By the way I am only going to say this because I haven't said Max's name in this. Max was running around like crazy.
We are all happy it is all sorted.

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