Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Minecraft in schools

You might not know about this popular video game Minecraft. It as become an addiction to kids, even
Adults around the glob and Swedish schools have decided to have Minecraft as a subject.

It can be a real bad thing kids. The game is cool but you could be wasting your time playing it when you could be outside playing in the sun or fress air and haveing more fun than a video game. Boys around schools are talking about it and not doing any work. This so called Minecraft affects our learning. We came to this school to learn new things, not play video game. Lots of people hate school and sometimes if you don't get a good education when you where at school you might have to go when you are an adult.

What if we have kids when we are older, we won't have enough time to spend with them. Why do people have an addiction to Minecraft. Minecraft is sometimes a waste of time.

As you see Minecraft should not be in school because we don't learn anything from it and it is becoming an addictive game for people. Last point is that kids in schools are talking about it so that is what I think.