Thursday, 31 August 2017

In maths this week we have been doing sheets to do with fractions and number problems. Doing this sheet has really made me understand fractions and how to do them. I feel like I have really improved in maths and think than I am understanding it more.

In social studies I have been doing a project on disasters our teacher put a list of disasters 
for example.......
Christchurch earthquake and Napier earthquake
Titanic and the Wahine
We have to answer a list of questions and then compare and contrast 

In English we have finished watching the movie A Knight's Tale and we have to write a essay on the last scene of the movie. I feel like english is my strongest subject and have improved the most on English than in any of the other classes. Because I have finished and some people are still going I have to build a 3D puzzle of hogwarts that my teacher has made us build so he can display it in the library.

Image result for 3d puzzle model of hogwarts